Holy Thursday Icon of  Christ in the Tomb, made of cloth and sprinkled with rose petals


Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ,

our King and our God!

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Every Sunday

Notice: There will be no 9 am service on May 22 and May 29 (Sundays). We will have the 10 am service both days.

  • 9 AM  Orthros (morning prayers)

  • 10 AM  Divine Liturgy​ (Communion service)


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This Sunday's Focus

Each Sunday during Lent, we will be trying to help in the ways Jesus taught us in Matthew 25:31-46. The six categories he gave us are Hungry, Thirsty, Stranger, Naked, Sick, and in Prison.

Sunday, March 13

Bring to church today: canned food, especially protein and vegetables, to help the Hungry. We will be giving the cans to Rust Street Ministries, to help the Hungry and Homeless of San Angelo. If you have ever been hungry, grumbly in the tummy, imagine how it would be to go a whole day without food. Do what you can to help the Hungry.

Sunday, March 20

Bring to church today: Water bottles to give to the local Food Bank, to help the Thirsty. (They have asked specifically for the small-size water bottles.) We can also accept monetary donations and give the money to the Food Bank, or to International Orthodox Christian Ministries (IOCC) The IOCC helps in crisis situations all over the world. Last year, in February 2021, we in San Angelo had a water crisis. We know what it is to worry about water. Do what you can to help the Thirsty.

Sunday, March 27

Be sure to greet people during coffee hour so you aren't strangers to each other! And – just as important – invite strangers you meet at the grocery store or wherever to become part of our church family. We are called to help the Stranger.

Sunday, April 3

Bring to church today: clothing, toiletries, and toothbrushes to donate to the Naked. For clothing, you can go to Goodwill or search your closets for whatever "everyday" clothes you haven't worn in the last year. For toiletries and toothbrushes, you can bring in hotel samples, dentist samples, or things you have purchased on sale or with coupons. We will be donating the clothing, toiletries, and toothbrushes to Rust Street Ministries, to help the homeless and needy of San Angelo. Do what you can to help the Naked.

Sunday, April 10

Do you know someone who is sick? Homebound? Aged? Make it a priority this week to make some phone calls, send some texts, or write some cards and send them to these people. Ask if they'd like you to come over to change a lightbulb, move a piece of furniture, or fold a pile of laundry. Do what you can to help the Sick and Aged.

Sunday, April 17

Bring to church today: money for prison ministry, and an open mind. It is tough to help people in prison, and we may not even want to. But they are people, and they need love. Christ knew this would be hard for us, so he commanded us to help the people in Prison. We can volunteer to write a letter or send a card, and talk to Fr. Mark about how to send it. We will also collect money after the worship service today and donate it to Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM). Do what you can to help those in Prison.


The Resurrection

Christ is Risen from the dead!
Trampling down Death by death!

And upon those in the tombs

He has bestowed Eternal Life!