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COVID-19 Announcement

Let's turn our homes into small churches, until we can meet in His house again.

During this time when we all are under siege by the novel coronavirus, we're allowed to have one priest, one chanter, and one altar server in the church building. This way, we can broadcast services LIVE​ to the people.

Live-broadcast service schedule during Lent
• Sundays 9-11:15 am (Time Zone CDT)
• Wednesdays 6-6:50 pm CDT
• Fridays 6-6:50 pm CDT

P.S. This is definitely a homegrown production, and you will probably see the setup at the very beginning since there is no extra person to turn on the camera at the appropriate time. There may be other goofs and gaffs too. Our goal is to worship God as best we can while we are fighting COVID-19.

Please pray for and with us:  "Lord, have mercy on us and save us, for You are Good and love mankind!"

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Fr. Mark Lichtenstein, Priest & Pastor

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Sunday Service Schedule:
9AM Morning Prayers, 9:45AM Liturgy

For Weekday Services and Bible Study,

Call Fr. Mark at (717) 919-3382

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Fr. Mark's cell phone (717) 919-3382