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Currently we have limited assembly space for in-person attendance, due to COVID-19. Please consider watching services online, or attending a less-crowded weekday service (listed below).

  • Every Sunday  

    • 9 am Orthros

    • 9:45 am Divine Liturgy

  • ​Monday, July 20, Celebrating St. Elijah the Prophet
    James 5:10-20: Luke 4:22-30

    • 9 am Orthros

    • 9:45 am Divine Liturgy

  • Monday, July 27, Celebrating St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary Healer
    2Timothy 2:1-10; John 15:17-27, 16:1-2

    • 9 am Orthros

    • 9:45 am Divine Liturgy

  • Thursday, August 6, Celebrating the Transfiguration of Christ on Mt. Tabor
    2Peter 1:10-19; Matthew 17:1-9​

    • 9 am Orthros

    • 9:45 am Divine Liturgy

  • Saturday, August 15, Commemorating the Falling-Asleep-in-the-Lord of the Mother of God (Parish Nameday)
    Philippians 2:5-11; Luke 10:38-42, 11:27-28​​

    • 9 am Orthros

    • 9:45 am Divine Liturgy


The Resurrection

Christ is Risen from the dead!
Trampling down Death by death!

And upon those in the tombs

He has bestowed Eternal Life!


Fr. Mark's cell phone (717) 919-3382

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