Holy Thursday Icon of  Christ in the Tomb, made of cloth and sprinkled with rose petals

Worship Services

Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ,

our King and our God!

Join us! Visitors are always welcome.

In-Person (with masks), or Watch on Facebook Live.


  • 9 am Orthros

  • 10 am Divine Liturgy​

WEEKDAY  WORSHIP  SERVICES​​​ (Special Occasions)​​​​​

  • ​Saturday, January 30, Services in honor of the Three Hierarchs: St. Gregory the Theologian, St. John Chrosostom, and St. Basil the Great.

    • 9 am Orthros​

    • 10 am Divine Liturgy

  • Sunday afternoon, January 24, following normal Sunday services at the church, we will have the annual blessing of the Concho River, weather permitting. The time will be about 12 noon or not long after, depending on when everyone can arrive from the church. Visitors are welcome. Join us on the River! We will gather near the Mermaid statue.


  • For the latest calendar announcements and information about activities, see our weekly bulletin.


Join us In-Person or
LIVE Online

Note: We need to wear masks in church until further notice.

Sundays & Special Feast Days
9 am Orthros
10 am Divine Liturgy

Worhsip Service Broadcast

Join us in worshipping Christ,
Who is our King and our God.

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Fasts & Feasts

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Digital Chant Stand (DCS)

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Helping us Grow in Christ

Teaching of the Day

The Online Chapel features daily Scripture Readings, Saints, and Icons to teach us about following Christ.

Online Audio and Video Programming

Ancient Faith Radio & Podcasts

The mission of Ancient Faith Ministries is to educate, edify, and evangelize,
leading to a living experience of God through His Holy Orthodox Church.

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The Resurrection

Christ is Risen from the dead!
Trampling down Death by death!

And upon those in the tombs

He has bestowed Eternal Life!


Fr. Mark's cell phone (717) 919-3382

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