Types of Services

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Children's Church

Children's church is THE Church.  Children stay with their parents during the worship service, participating in ways that reflect their age.  Young children are welcome to bring quiet church toys such as doll babies and little cars, or things to draw and color with while they listen quietly.  

If the parent and child need to go out for a short break during the service, that is fine.  Everyone understands.  Children need to be in church in order to learn how to go to church.  Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me, and
do not hinder them."

This is an evening worship service on Wednesdays during Lent, and some other special days as well.  Like the regular Liturgy, it is a service of Holy Communion, with the reading of the Gospel and Epistle. 

The priest and congregation sing antiphonally to each other as they work together in worshipping God, just as they do during the Divine Liturgy.  However, this service is done by candlelight and feels more pensive and mysterious.

The morning worship service of Holy Communion, with the reading of the

Gospel and Epistle.  The priest and the congregation sing hymns and prayers in response to each other, as they work together to worship God. 

This is a joyful and energetic service. 

Also called Mass.

Morning prayers, hymns, and readings from the Psalms and Old Testament. 

A quiet and meditative service.

Also called Matins.

This service prepares us for the Liturgy service, and flows seamlessly into it.

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